Wood engravings: "Dr. Watson", "Bailey" and "Sugar" each image: 4"x5"
“Judge”  wood engraving 4"x5" 2007       "The Pulpit"  etching and aquatint 2.5"x5" 2002      "Above it All"  hard-ground etching 2.5"x3" 2012

“Narcissus” woodcut 18"x24" 2006         “When Orpheus Plays”  woodcut 17.5"x24" 2006       “Narcissus”  woodcut 18"x24" 2006 

“When Orpheus Plays” etching and aquatint 6"x7" 2002       "Aphrodite's Slippers etching and aquatint 5"x6" 2002
“The Carrot Reaper”  etching and aquatint  4”x5” 1999       “Attainable”  etching and aquatint  2”x5” 1997        “Patience” hand colored etching  6”x7” 1997
“Reluctance”   etching and aquatint  7”x9”  1997
"A Night Out" etching and aquatint 3"x4" 1996         “Wolf in Sheep's Clothing” hand-colored etching 4"x6" 1997         “Don’t Look Back” multi-plate colored etching 8”x10”  1998
    “Hide Inside 5"x7"  hand-colored etching and aquatint 2003
“Start Finish Start”  hand-colored etching 3”x2.5” 1997       “Spoils”  lithograph 10”x11”  1997     “Night Racing”  lithograph image 7.25”x8” 1997
“Fetch” 2002  hand-colored etching  image size 5”x6”       “Go”  2002  hand-colored etching  image size 5”x6”
“Three Links” 1998 hand-colored etching 3”x4”     “Swim” 2006 hand-colored etching and aquatint 3”x4”     “Supper Time” 1998 etching  4”x6.5”
“Night Crossing” 1994 etching and aquatint 4”x6”    “Presto” 2005  hand-colored etching 3”x 2.5”
“The Frog Prince” 2007 wood engraving image size 4”x5”
“Thoughts And Actions” 2005 etching and aquatint image size 5.5”x7.25
Sparrow dark-field mono-print series 2018
Viscosity Bird mono-prints 2018

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